Pre Production

Our artists can prepare storyboards, & block out complex scenes using pre-vis techniques, helping everyone better envisage the concept before the cameras start rolling. Then we arrange casting sessions to nail down the stars of your ad, and scout locations to find the perfect setting


Streetmonkey has a close relationship with a number of talented directors, whom we work with from pre production, through to the final grade. They bring ideas, vision, and experience, so that your concept is delivered with panache, and finesse. Depending on your budget, we can shoot on DSLRs, or on Arri Alexas & RED Epics – the same camera Peter Jackson used to shoot ‘The Hobbit’.

Aerial Work

We have qualified and insured RPAS (drone) operators with permission for aerial work granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


Editing is all about telling the story. Stories create an emotional connection with people, and through flow, pace, and timing, we will create something that excites, inspires, and captivates audiences.


Whatever style of animation you need, we have 2D and 3D artists that can realise any concept. We can design and animate 3D characters & scenes, or we can take your character designs and bring them to life. We also regularly composite 3D animation and effects within live action filmed scenes. This is often a complex process that starts with planning, placing tracking markers in the scene to be filmed, tracking, rotoscoping, and finally compositing to make the elements a natural fit for the scene.


We have access to huge libraries of stock music, or we can source local musicians and composers to create something entirely bespoke for your brand. We also work closely with audio production companies for more complex sound work, and recording voiceovers.


Finally, we want to make the footage in the edit really sing. Much more than just colour correcting for consistency, the process of grading is all about giving your commercial a look that enhances the story told by the edit. We have a wealth of experience in colouring a vast array of content, originating from a variety of sources. Our edit/grading suite is equipped with a 50 inch Flanders Scientific colour critical reference monitor, so you can be sure that your edit will look great wherever it’s seen.

Content Delivery

So now the edit’s done. The effects have been composited, and the grade has been created. Now you need an audience. We can deliver your ads directly to any TV station in the world, or supply a huge array of formats, whether it’s for YouTube, or an important presentation.