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We Make Things Move

Streetmonkey is a production and post production company in the heart of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. We’ve been producing award-winning animation, motion graphics, VFX and live action for TV, film and online since 2002. To speak to us about your next project, email us on or call us on 028 9023 0516.


Streetmonkey’s artists can prepare detailed storyboards. In the case of complex scenes, we can generate pre-viz animations to help everyone better understand your concept before production begins.

For live action projects, our production team has extensive experience in location scouting, casting and crew management.


Our production team has close relationships with a host of talented crew throughout Northern Ireland and beyond, including a list of trusted directors who will liaise with you from initial concept, through production, to the final grade.

We can source a wide range of equipment suited to your project’s budgetary requirements from DSLRs to Arri Alexas & RED Epics.

Aerial Cinematography

We can provide fully insured RPAS (drone) operators with permission for aerial work granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Editing / Grading

Streetmonkey has an online editing & grading suite with a Flanders Scientific grading monitor. Our edit workstations are capable of editing 6K video in any format in real time, and are connected to an 80TB NAS via 10GbE network. We use MacBook Pros for remote/on-set use.

We use LTO tape for archival and Backblaze B2 for nightly backups. A dynamic link workflow means effects shots can be completed by our animators and updated in real time while editing.

Animation & Visual Effects

Our team of experienced animators can create anything from simple 2D graphics, through to complex photorealistic 3D visuals.

We’re skilled at tracking and rotoscoping live action footage to remove unwanted elements, or seamlessly adding new details – from buildings and vehicles to full sky replacements and more.

Client Review

A private review website lets you monitor work in progress on your computer or phone. You are notified when there is something new to see. You can comment or even sketch directly on to the preview videos when providing feedback.

Content Delivery

We can deliver your campaign directly to TV stations & cinemas worldwide, or export to any online format you require.