Kraken Rum: Legendary

Umbrella Collective and FightGravity Films recently asked us to collaborate with them in the production of a 30-second “mini-movie” for Kraken Rum.

Filmed on custom-designed sets in Astra Studios in Budapest, and directed by Rudolf Peter Kiss, their spectacular live-action footage needed a giant sea monster to be added in post production, which is were Streetmonkey came in.

Our job was to support the Umbrella team, animating the sea-monster’s tentacle in two separate scenes. We were also tasked with generating three different end sequences, where the giant black tentacle swipes various products in the Kraken Rum range off-screen, with a splash of slimy ink. We took great care to ensure our animations seamlessly complemented Umbrella’s existing style, the seamless end result speaks for itself!

Different flavours of the mini-movie with alternative product selections, are being screened in cinemas throughout the UK, Europe and Australia.

Check out the FX breakdown for Streetmonkey’s scenes below

VFX Breakdown